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Our Kolkata Branch is all about dynamic geospatial services. We serve our clients with a number of tools, software, and hardware under the umbrella of geospatial info-tech. Our professionals are ready to serve you with the best of their capabilities and our support is available 24/7 to ensure reliable relationship with our clients. No question is too silly to ask and when it comes to a new technology, only those who don’t fall short of questions, show others the way in the near future.

We Serve Everybody!

Whether you run a small company, represent an organization, belong to a public department, come from a multination, serve a non-profit entity and so on…we are here to serve you with the latest GIS equipment, methods, procedures, IT support and research. Our doors are open for everybody and everyone is equally important, regardless of the representative company or the authority.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Only those who welcome the change and make full use of the new technology, achieve success because it give them a competitive edge. Timing is the most important factor to determine the success level. This is the right time to take the initiative and make the most of the GIS technologies. Let’s join hands in an attempt to serve our community, cities, land, atmosphere, and people. Our professionals will empower you with the best GIS tools, apps, web support and research assistance.

Our GIS Services

CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES Geospatial Services are available at quite reasonable rates. Money isn’t our prime target because we believe in credibility and the provision of flawless services. Following are some of the prominent GIS services we offer (in addition to many other)

GIS Tools

Consistent and quick change is the only reality of the information technology. Here at CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES, our professionals are mindful of the importance of using the latest tools and adapting to the change. You can’t wait for others to take charge and show you the path. If you want to be the leader, you need to be innovative, proactive and creative. These three factors enable our professionals to help the followers join the right path. We work with the latest and internationally recognized GIS tools which include…

Don’t hesitate to connect with us. Go to our contact page and let us know how we can serve you.