The Determinants of online success

The power of an impressive online presence makes the mere go in the modern world. Web and mobile apps have become the order of the day. Change is the only thing that is consistent about web and app development so the consistent tracking of the ever-changing trends continuous to be increasingly important.

The Truth

The poor UX has been the major cause behind the disappointing performance of the over 75% websites over the past couple of years. HubStop found in a study that 47% of the U.S customers first check the company’s homepage followed by inspection of the products and services on offer and 38% percent visitors straightaway close the website if the layout doesn’t manage to attract or engage them.

What Really Works?

To help your business boost through a powerful online presence you website must feature:

A website alone is not going generate the desired results for the fact that a huge majority of the internet users likes engage via smartphones. You may opt for the mobile apps for Windows, Android or iOS, or even for all three operating systems.

Mobile Apps are Irresistible 

You can’t deny their importance for the fact that mobile apps are highly effective when it comes to consistently engage the visitors and turn them into a client. Imagine how much time you spend in front of your desktop or a laptop in comparison to that of you spend with the mobile applications installed on your smartphone. The reason is simple, smartphones remain with the users most of the time and the push notifications do the rest of the job by keeping them engaged. Mobile.

Android is perhaps the best platform for any mobile app. Android apps enjoy the biggest market share and it’s the best choice if your business is targeting the Asian market. A stunning android app can do miracles for your business. Android apps allow the online presence of your business more and more powerful.


You’ll never want any visitor to regret fact that you haven’t launched a Windows app yet. Though the market share is not as much as the Android’s but don’t forget that if even 10% of your website visitors have a Microsoft phone and you don’t offer an App for Windows, you are annoying 10% of your visitors.

The best choice, often if not always, is to opt for both, Windows and Android and maybe an iPhone App if you feel the need. Never hesitate to explain in detail what exactly your goals are, when hiring a professional web and app developer. Let the success doors open for your business. Your online presence will determine your future and in the modern world, things happen quickly for both who dare and who don’t!