Our expert consultants are available 24/7 to help your company, business, organization, and department etc. We’ll make sure that you feel at home before and during our services. We love to hear from you and do our best to lift your organization through effective advisory and implementation. Your success is ultimately the foundation for our own success. We believe in collaboration to serve the industry.

Success Factors

CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES CONSULTANCY focuses on the interaction of the four major success factors:





These four factors contribute a lot to a company or an organization. The integration level of these factors determines the success level of a project (short term) and the organization (in the long run).

Tell Us Your Requirements

You simply need to contact us and brief our professionals about what you are looking for. Our professional consultants will ensure the crafting of the most efficient and effective plan. But nothing is possible in isolation. To help your organization achieve its targets, our professionals would have a sitting with your representatives and try to dig in deeper in an attempt to reach a highly customized planning structure.

Our professionals will try to address the following questions during the first phase:

Where does the client’s organization stand at the moment?

What has the organization previously done and what were the results did it generate?

What does the client suggest as a solution?

What are problematic factors in this case?

Suggesting the Solutions

After the initial phase, our team will be in a better position to suggest a bunch of solutions and then reach to the most appropriate one. During this phase, our focus remains on working on the possible solutions rather than premeditating a single solution. After reaching to a list of possible solutions, our team discusses each and every aspect of the solutions and then concludes the best possible option based on time efficiency, cost-effectiveness and results. The questions our consultancy team addresses at this stage include the following:

Which possible solutions do we have?

Which solution will be the most efficient, timesaving, and cost-effective?

What are the requirements, tools, technologies, and procedures to bring out the most of the most suitable solution?

We no more believe in verbal or on-paper consultancy. Our professionals love the blend of ideas and practical implementation. We’ll serve you through the planning, implementation and management phases to ensure you reach the desired results.