GIS is becomes increasingly significant and the field is serving more and more industries and the popularity keeps on growing. This is the perfect time to help equip your employees with the power of GIS expertise. CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES is proud of taking the initiative by setting up the CHAKRI ACADEMY featuring internationally recognized GIS training facilities.

Why GIS Training?

GIS tools are not going to help you unless you don’t have the expert users. The five vital aspects ensuring the success of a GIS project include…

  1. Data
  2. Software
  3. Procedure
  4. Hardware
  5. Team of skilled GIS experts

GIS experts hold the key to success and the fruitfulness of the remaining four factors depends upon the expert’s skills. It intensifies the significance of the GIS training.

The availability of data isn’t enough in isolation because you need the experts to analyze the available information. The software and hardware require skilled handling. The practical experience is vital to ensure the proper selection and right application of the procedures.

GIS Training Benefits

According to the GIS professionals at CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES, the training features a number of benefits and the most prominent are listed below:

  • GIS Training helps efficiency level of the staff. The tools and software assistance saves a lot of time. It also helps reduce the mental stress while working to meet the set deadlines.
  • GIS training increases the productivity of the staff. Naturally, when the staff performs its duties quickly and efficiently, it saves lot of time which they can use for other assignments and ultimately it helps their confidence level.
  • There are not too many GIS experts at the moment. Our GIS training certificate will add value to the portfolio and will encourage the certified trainees because, after the certification, they’ll be at a higher professional level.
  • Once trained, your employees will be able to guide their colleagues during the GIS projects. Their expertise will help minimize the chances of error.

Feel free to contact us for further details about our curriculum and training methodology. In addition to the set curriculum, we also offer customized training upon request. Our training is dynamic, involving practical training, working in realistic conditions, handling the tools, and practicing the software etc. The training helps the trainees to efficiently analyze the available data and devise the procedures accordingly to reach the best possible results.

CHAKRI ACADEMY is located in our Kharagpur branch. The academy serves, both national and international students from across the globe. The students mainly represent corporate staff, university faculty, government officials, and lecturers from various colleges, and employees from various other institutions.

CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES finds itself on the right track by serving the students with international-standard training. 500 students have already been awarded with the certificates after the completion of the training from our academy at Kharagpur Branch. Currently, the batch of 200 students is being trained.