More About Us

Regardless of the industry and business type, CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Limited offers its services to everyone. We take care of your dealings right from the scratch and take it to the level you are looking. Specializing in geo-spatial info-tech doesn’t concentrate our abilities to just one service. Our team include expert engineers in addition to the highly qualified developers and IT experts. With a mission to serve the clients with credible service and lift the industry,

Chakri Techbologies is Rrady To Serve With You

Geographic Information System

The undeniable power of information technology rules the industry and it brings something for everyone leaving no room for the success possibility without the modern day tools. Our experts make the best use of GPS, GIS, LiDAR, SAR, RADAR, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing

Our Doors are Open for Local and International Companies, Trust, Associations,Firms etc.

CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES is takes pride in leading the industry dealing in the manufacturing of survey instruments. You may either purchase or hire our instruments which include DGPS, GPS, GPR, Electronic Total Station

Apart from manufacturing the instruments, CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES welcomes proposals for collaborative research from both, private as well as public organizations, involving earth sciences, spatial technology, and environmental sciences.

Web and App Development

Keeping in mind the undeniable significance of info-tech in the contemporary world, CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES offer web and app development services. We love sitting with our clients, listening to them carefully and helping them out as efficiently as possible. Customization is the key to our success and we achieve it by devoting ourselves to the projects, consulting with the clients, planning for the proceedings and ensuring the proper design crafting to attain the desired results. These solutions not only help the maintenance of geospatial database but the updating and continuous monitoring becomes much easier. The Geographic Information Systems enables our professionals to ensure the provision of top-notch E-Business solutions. Spatial technology also plays a vital role in the efficient Application Management. The experience and expertise of our professionals make it possible to ensure internationally recognized and competitive deliverance in the following areas: Ecommerce Website Development, Shopping Cart Development, Web Application Development, Web Portal Development, Social Networking App Development, CMS Web Development, Dot Net Development, Yahoo Store Development, PHP Web Development, SharePoint Web Development


CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES finds itself on the right track by serving the students with international- standard training. 500 students have already been awarded with the certificates after the completion of the training from our academy at Kharagpur Branch. Currently, the batch of 200 students is being trained. CHAKRI ACADEMY is located in our Kharagpur branch. The academy serves, both national and international students from across the globe. The students mainly represent corporate staff, university faculty, government officials, and lecturers from various colleges, and employees from various other institutions. Our trainers don’t believe in feeding everyone with the same spoon. They design customized modules suiting the needs of the institutions which the students represent at our academy. Respecting the specific needs of the concerned institutions ultimately bears fruit.

Our Mission

Serving our clients by strengthening the online presence of their brand through an out of the box thinking, creativity and use of latest tools; ultimately uplifting the industry standards is the mission of each and every individual contributing to the CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Limited.
Continuous improvement is what we constantly aim at for the fact that the existence perfection is just imaginary; there is no static destination for improvement. Honestly, consistent improvement is the continuity of perfection.

Our Success Factors

CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES focuses on the following three success factors that the play the most significant role in keep the company as close to the mission as possible:
Out of the box thinking
Consistent innovation 

Temporary success is no success but an illusion. Rapid change is the only reality of the online world. The experienced professionals at the CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES devote themselves for continuous results. If you think that one-time web or app development is enough then you’re making the greatest mistake. Things are changing each and every day and a slight negligence or delay in adapting to the change will provide an unbeatable edge to your competitors

Leap-Ahead Approach

The leaders always show the path to the followers and leaders are those who somehow dare to jump ahead. Often, there comes a situation where everything seems static but only the braves jump forward to explore the unknown.

An impressive online presence demands continuous innovation because your clients expect the same. The moment your brand stops surprising, your clients will start leaving your brand. Accept it or not, this is a harsh reality. A slight designing mistake, a poor color combination, an unwise font selection, a complex logo, or a slow-navigating page can ruin your brand.

We also aim at uplifting the standards and motivating others serving the industry. To achieve this purpose, we constantly upgrade the procedure, engage the latest tools, use the most credible techniques and make due use of the top-performing platforms. You’re either a follower or a leader and it depends on how you approach in an attempt to serve your clients.

Your Success Determines Our Future!

CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES professionals don’t shoot blind, rather they analyze each and every aspect of your business, market, customer’s preferences, products and services and after studying all these factors, the planning process begins. We don’t believe in come-and-go client relationship strategy. Money is a secondary priority and client’s satisfaction is foremost target. To be honest, our client’s consistent success will reflect our performance and contribute to our own success. If the online presence of our client’s brand grows weak, it’ll be our failure and we’ll never let that happen.

We Stay By Your Side!

There is no room for the companies serving a client for a month or two and then disappear. We believe in constant communication with the clients and keeping them updated about the progress. We appreciate the clients who constantly stay in touch and never hesitate to ask questions. We love to see our client’s brand climb up the ladder by each passing day.