Our approach towards the provision of geospatial services is focused on customization and efficiency. We serve both public and private organizations and our doors are open for both local as well as international organizations. As far as geospatial services are concerned, we manufacture customized instruments, develop web and app solutions and provide research assistance.

How We Proceed?

You just need to contact us and provide the proposal or requirements. We take care of the rest. At the initial stage, our experts go through the proposal and requirements of you organization, regarding environmental sciences, earth sciences or geospatial technologies.

  • After the review of the proposal and requirements, our experts will have a sitting with the representative of your organization for further in-depth discussion. It helps clarifying each and every aspect and ensures transparency of the further proceedings.
  • Our professionals will guide your representatives about the tools and procedures required to get the desired result.
  • Once things are settled during the meeting, our experts will begin with the planning phase. This phase includes the determination of the tools, technologies, timeframe, responsibilities, and procedures to meet the target with the set deadline.
  • As we don’t feed everyone with the same spoon, it is important to focus on the integration of the customized tools, apps and technologies to ensure high level of efficiency i.e. minimum expenditure and maximum outcome.
  • As far as the research collaboration is concerned, CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES welcomes the proposals for collaboration, research funding and joint research in geospatial domain. Our experts will ensure the use of most credible analytical tools and data management systems. We are eager to help organizations in particular and the community in general.

CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES Geospatial Services are available at quite reasonable rates. Money isn’t our prime target because we believe in credibility and the provision of flawless services. Our services, as far as the projects are concerned, include the technical assistance to ensure efficient…..

  • Land Use
  • 3D Smart City Planning
  • Land Cover Changes
  • Water Resources and Watershed Management
  • Beach Erosion
  • Mapping (2D/3D)
  • Oil Exploration
  • Disaster Management
  • Utility Planning and Design
  • Pipeline Planning and Design

And many more…

Let’s join hands to serve our community and commit ourselves to an untiring effort in an attempt to modernize, protect, benefit, and uplift our surroundings, cities, and communities. We have the power, expertise, and most of all, devotion to serve the places we live in. This is our moral duty and we must feel proud in doing what we do.