CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES CONSULTANCY focuses on the interaction of the four major success factors:

  1. Manpower/Expertise
  2. Methodology
  3. Software
  4. Organization

These four factors contribute a lot to a company or an organization. The integration level of these factors determines the success level of a project (short term) and the organization (in the long run).

Defining the Project

The planning isn’t enough by itself unless the strategies aren’t implemented properly. We take the planning and implantation as a project.  Our team of experts develops the project portfolio and elaborates the implementation.


We don’t believe in trying a general approach to address a variety of problems. Our consultancy is based on customization of the concepts, planning procedure, and implementation. Each of our client is equally important and we try our best to focus on the individual requirements and targets. To do it the right way, our professionals concentrate on the context of the problem, industry, history of your organization and its progress, and the current situation. This approach helps us come up with the most appropriate and relevant solution.


Customization helps innovation because when you look face a new set of challenges and focus on the particular situation, you’re forced to devise a new solution fitting the given situation. Our consultants will take you through each and every aspect and will suggest the possible solutions. The experience of our professionals helps in the determination of the best plan. Without an extensive exposure to the practical situations, it would have been a tough ask to serve properly. Thanks to the extensive experience, our experts have the ability to analyze the situation properly and make a creative move to get things right rather than trying the conventional methods.


Consultancy is no more about theoretical suggestions but it has become much more than just a piece of advice. CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES is well aware of the global changes and this is what enables our professionals to devise highly advanced methods to address the situation in the best possible way.  In a nutshell, our consultants begin with the following questions:

  • What are the client’s requirements?
  • Where does the client’s organization stand at the moment?
  • What has the organization previously done and what were the results did it generate?
  • What does the client suggest as a solution?
  • What are problematic factors in this case?
  • Which possible solutions do we have?
  • Which solution will be the most efficient, timesaving, and cost-effective?
  • What are the requirements, tools, technologies, and procedures to bring out the most of the most suitable solution?