CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES finds itself on the right track by serving the students with international-standard training. 500 students have already been awarded with the certificates after the completion of the training from our academy at Kharagpur Branch. Currently, the batch of 200 students is being trained.

CHAKRI ACADEMY is located in our Kharagpur branch. The academy serves, both national and international students from across the globe. The students mainly represent corporate staff, university faculty, government officials, and lecturers from various colleges, and employees from various other institutions.

Customized Training

Our trainers don’t believe in feeding everyone with the same spoon. They design customized modules suiting the needs of the institutions which the students represent at our academy. Respecting the specific needs of the concerned institutions ultimately bears fruit.

Value Oriented

With the inclusion of web, applications, crowd-sourcing and power information sharing, the GIS technologies have become more powerful and add value to the trainee’s portfolio. Our professionals focus on the needs of the particular organization and devises customized curriculum upon request.

How it Works?

CHAKRI TECHNOLOGIES ACADEMY features a blend of lectures and practical training and this training features real-world data rather than highly controlled settings. The problem with the controlled settings is that they don’t occur in the real situation. The training includes practical training of working with…

  • GIS software platforms
  • Desktop software
  • GIS Online
  • Web GIS
  • GIS Applications
  • Mobile GIS
  • GIS-Pro
  • Mapping Tools
  • Geospatial Analytical Tools

and more…

Active Learning

Passive learning is and has never been the right choice and when it comes to GIS tools, active training becomes the only suitable choice to ensure proper education and learning. The training also features field visit to ensure more exposure to the working of the tools.

What You Learn?


  • learn working with the latest GIS technologies and tools
  • get an exposure of the GIS software/hardware
  • be able to use online Cloud GIS
  • learn the working of web app builder
  • learn GIS data structure management
  • learn to work with analytical tools
  • learn the use of GIS analysis tools
  • learn to properly visualize the cartographic design
  • be able to implement GIS in your organization and develop GIS projects

Gone are the days when nobody knew what GIS exactly meant. The world has changed over the last couple of decades and continues to change at an increasing pace. If you think that GIS technologies could lift your organization then don’t hesitate to contact us for further updates and in-depth discussion. We would to serve you!